Don Mackinnon

Partner, SBM Legal
Don Mackinnon
52 Broadway
Auckland 1023
+649 520 8700
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Don is a partner at Swarbrick Beck Mackinnon. He has over 22 years of experience in employment law and industrial relations and has practiced in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Prior to the formation of Swarbrick Beck Mackinnon, Don was the principal of his own specialist employment law firm, Mackinnon & Associates. For 10 year prior to that, he was a partner at Simpson Grierson (one of New Zealand’s largest firms) in its employment law team. Don also served as that firm’s Head of Litigation.

Don has acted in numerous leading employment law cases. He has a Master of Laws from the University of London, majoring in International Labour Law and has attended courses at the University of Melbourne and Harvard Business School. He has co-authored various texts in employment and sports law and has a thriving sports law practice. Don was, until recently, the Chair of Netball New Zealand and is currently a director of Sport & Recreation New Zealand and the Auckland Cricket Association. He has significant governance experience. He is also a prominent speaker at seminars and is often asked to comment on employment law issues to the media.