Dominika Dörre-Nowak

Partner, A. Sobczyk & Współpracownicy
Dominika Dörre-Nowak
Zaleskiego 8/3b
31-525 Kraków, Poland
+48 12 410 54 10
+48 12 411 53 98

Dominika Dörre-Nowak, doctor of Law, legal advisor, Partner at A. Sobczyk & Partners Law Office, specialises in labour law.

For 6 years she has been cooperating with A. Sobczyk & Partners initially as a legal advisor trainee and as a legal advisor from 2007. In 2011, she became a Partner of the Law Office. Apart from running her legal practice, she lectures at the Faculty of Labour Law and Social Policy at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

In the partnership with the Law Office, she is engaged primarily in matters involving protection of personal goods and chattels including protection of workers privacy, regulations of permissible monitoring, sexual harassment and mobbing, and cooperation between employers and trade unions.

She is an expert on the subject of protection of personal goods and participates in consulting projects concerning this matter. She has extensive training experience, acts as a Consultant for the daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita, and attends to court cases.

Furthermore, Dominika Dörre-Nowak takes part in pro bono activities as a member of Panoptykon Foundation. The mission of Panoptykon Foundation is to protect human rights, in particular the right to privacy in contrast to modern technology used for surveillance purposes.