Alina Giżejowska

Partner, A. Sobczyk & Współpracownicy
Zaleskiego 8/3b
31-525 Kraków, Poland
+48 0 60 189 79 37
+48 12 411 53 98

Alina Giżejowska, Legal Advisor and Partner at A. Sobczyk & Partners Law Office, specialises in Labour Law.

Since 2000, she has been cooperating with A. Sobczyk & Partners. Initially, she was a legal advisor trainee and after that a legal advisor. She became a Partner of the Law Office in 2005. Since the beginning of the cooperation she has been engaged in court trials, representing Employers in proceedings against Employees.

The court trials have been Alina’s primary area of focus. For some time now, she also focuses on strategic advice for clients in sensitive personnel cases. She specializes in issues concerning the activities of trade unions, disputes regarding them, their members and Employers, but also problems concerning mobbing, discrimination, additional compensations due to terminations of employment, unfair competition, breach of non-competition agreements by Employees, collective redundancy, , and disputes regarding individual employment contracts. She is experienced in preparing drafts of documents forming the inter-company sources of Labour Law for Employers, drafts of Employee’s contracts adapted to the client’s individual needs, and drafts of documents necessary for conducting individual or collective dismissals. She is also experienced in preparing codes of conduct concerning difficult and sensitive Employee matters that include law provisions as well as considerations of business, personnel, and social factors.

At A. Sobczyk & Partners Law Office, Alina supervises the maintenance of court trials by other attorneys and advises clients in current matters regarding employees in the individual and collective scope.