Van Olmen & Wynant’s Employment Law Forum: The New Re-integration Procedure for Long-term Ill Employees

Van Olmen & Wynant (L&E Global Belgium), together with the Belgian Institute for Company Lawyers (IJE | IBJ), recently hosted a successful bilingual (Dutch and French) Employment Law Forum, attended by some 60 HR managers and in-house counsels.

Following an introduction by Chris Van Olmen (founding partner of Van Olmen & Wynant and head of the employment law practice) the forum included a series of discussions on the trending topic: “the new re-integration procedure for long-term ill employees.”.

The Belgian government aims to guide long-term ill employees towards (a quicker) work resumption, possibly in an adapted or different job. For this purpose, a new re-integration procedure was created, which entered into force on January 1st, 2017.

Miet Vanhegen, PhD researcher at KU Leuven, led the audience through the different steps in the re-integration procedure. Who can launch the procedure? How is a re-integration assessment carried out? What are the possible outcomes of the procedure?

Afterwards, Gautier Busschaert, attorney at Van Olmen & Wynant, shared some insight on the consequenses of the re-integration procedure on the employment relationship. He highlighted the impact of exercising an adapted or altogether different job function on the indemnity in lieu of notice, the payment of the wage and the dismissal of the worker.

Van Olmen & Wynant’s Employment Law Forums exemplify L&E Global’s commitment to provide clients with the practical knowledge to guide them through the labyrinth of modern employment law challenges that impact the workplace.



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