Van Olmen & Wynant and the IJE | IBJ host an Employment Law Forum: “The Motivation of Dismissal”

Van Olmen & Wynant (L&E Global Belgium), together with the Belgian Institute for Company Lawyers (IJE | IBJ), recently hosted a successful bilingual (Dutch and French) Employment Law Forum, attended by some 70 HR managers, in-house counsels, academics and magistrates from across the country.

Following an introduction by Chris Van Olmen (founding partner of Van Olmen & Wynant and head of the employment law practice) the forum included a series of discussions on the trending topic: the motivation of dismissal in the private and public sectors.

Since the entering into force on April 1st, 2014 of the Collective Labor Agreement n° 109 (Motivation of Dismissal), applicable to the private sector, more than 109 judgements have been rendered. Hence, the title of this seminar: 109 times CLA n° 109.

Thomas De Jongh and Karel Devloo, both attorneys at Van Olmen & Wynant, had, based upon an analysis of case law, shed light on the first tendencies in the private sector: are some reasons for dismissal riskier than others? In how many cases was the employer condemned and what was the amount of the indemnity? Are there any significant differences between the regions in Belgium?

Afterwards, Vincent Vuylsteke, attorney at Van Olmen & Wynant, analysed the situation in the public sector, where legislative intervention is still pending and where the situation remains uncertain (some judges find inspiration in CLA n° 109, others refuse to do so; the high courts have rendered decisions that are difficult to reconcile, with regards to the obligation to hear the public worker before the dismissal, etc….)

Van Olmen & Wynant’s Employment Law Forums exemplify L&E Global’s commitment to provide clients with the practical knowledge to guide them through the labyrinth of modern employment law challenges that impact the workplace.

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