LABLAW attends IBA Annual Conference 2016 in Washington, D.C.

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Milan, 21 September 2016 – Luca Failla (Founding Partner of LABLAW) and Sharon Reilly (Partner at LABLAW) are in Washington DC this week taking part in the International Bar Association’s (IBA) Annual Conference 2016.

The 5-day conference kicks off in Washington D.C., with an expected attendance of over 6,000 delegates from around the world. The IBA Annual Conference is always the central event of the international legal community’s calendar, as it provides an occasion like no other to exchange know-how and to create and renew a global network of colleagues and business contacts.

Luca Failla has been active in the IBA for many years now, and represents LABLAW within the IBA community, in his capacity as Newsletter Editor Officer of the prestigious IBA Employment and Industrial Relations Committee.

Failla will be co-moderating the session on Monday, entitled: “Where will my nanny/plumber come from? Middle and low-skilled worker shortages in light of the migrant currents in the EU and elsewhere”. The session will focus on immigration quotas and procedures as well as the impact on local legislation of the massive flow of migrants in the world. With speakers from Germany, Australia, UK and Switzerland, this very topical session promises a thoughtful and stimulating discussion.

“I am very proud to be taking part in this conference and to have the opportunity once again to moderate and coordinate leading international lawyers in my field of expertise – says Luca Failla – “This is a chance to share and discuss, in-depth, some very crucial and interesting topics, which also closely affect our country and the companies operating there, in a context that is becoming ever-increasingly more international by nature.”

 Sharon Reilly will be co-moderating the session on Friday, called: “Is discrimination against irregular staffers legal outside Europe? Should it be?” The panelists will explore how the European protection of irregular staff works in practice as well as race and gender discrimination.

“I am delighted to be invited for the first time to moderate a panel at this prestigious conference”, said Sharon Reilly. “As my practice is wholly international, it is a great opportunity to be part of a discussion with the experts on such topics that have a tangible impact on our clients’ business both in Italy and beyond.”

L&E Global is sponsoring the IBA Committees on Employment and Industrial Relations Law and Discrimination and Equality Law joint dinner on Wednesday 21 September.

L&E Global is an international alliance of law firms, which provide counsel to employers on labour relations, employment law, immigration law and employee benefits through 22 international members, which have more than 1,500 attorneys across 5 continents.

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LABLAW, the largest Italian labour law firm by its geographical reach, anchors its strength on its team of 50+ professionals based in Milan, Naples, Pescara, Padua, Genoa, Bari and Rome, who are all specialized exclusively in employment law and industrial relations. LABLAW knows that labour and employment law issues do not just occur from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. In order to ensure a continual personalized service, LABLAW is available to assist clients 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year. LABLAW is proud to be a founding member and the Italian representative of L&E GLOBAL – an integrated international alliance of premier labor and employment law boutiques.

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