TozziniFreire Advogados announces the launch of its new industry group, “Cybersecurity and Data Privacy”

TozziniFreire Advogados

TozziniFreire Advogados is pleased to announce the launch of its new industry group, “Cybersecurity and Data Privacy”. Its goal will be to help companies in preserving the privacy of corporate information, including protection against espionage, and mitigating legal risks associated with using, publishing and storing data. The decision to formally create a group within the firm focusing on this subject comes from the high demand it has received recently. It is also in preparation for when the Personal Data Bill goes to a vote in the Chamber and Senate. Together with the Internet Bill of Rights, the project, if approved will have great impact regarding privacy protection, as it will be the first time that Brazil will have a law exclusively focused on the issue.

TozziniFreire’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy group is made up of eight partners from a number of different practices, such as Information Technology, Compliance, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property and White-Collar Crime. On 17 August, the group will host an event at the firm for clients and guests in order to discuss issues such as privacy and data leaks.

The partners in charge of the group are: Andreia de Andrade Gomes, Antonio Marzagão Barbuto Neto, Celso de Faria Monteiro, Fernando Cinci, Giovanni Paolo Falcetta, Juliana Sá de Miranda, Patricia Helena Marta Martins and Marcela W. Ejnisman.