L&E Global Attends Annual Disability Matters European Conference & Awards


L&E Global is pleased to announce that Stephan Swinkels (Executive Director, L&E Global) and Olivier Kress (Partner, Flichy Grangé Avocats) will attend Springboard Consulting LLC’s Third Annual Disability Matters European Conference & Awards hosted by Shell Global in The Hague, The Netherlands from June 17-18, 2015.

The Annual Disability Matters European Conference & Awards will feature content delivered by leading disability experts from corporations, academia, non-governmental organizations and governments from across the European Region.

Together with Nadine Vogel (CEO of Springboard Consulting LLC), Mr. Swinkels and Mr. Kress will lead the Thursday morning presentation entitled, Insights to Global Best Practices: Legal Implications are Important, Practical Applications are Critical.

L&E Global is honored to participate in this important seminar and to contribute to the issue of disability-focused initiatives that impact employers, employees and employment advisors throughout Europe.

About Springboard Consulting LLC

Springboard Consulting LLC is a world class company that empowers today’s leading organizations to become both an employer and supplier of choice for the disability community.