LABLAW – Studio Legale Advised Unisys on Restructuring its Italian Operations

Luca Failla, Elisabetta Cassaneti and Sharon Reilly, partners of LABLAW – Studio Legale, advised Unisys, an American global information technology company, on downsizing its Italian business.

The transaction involved 7 locations: Rome, Milan, Genoa, Florence, Padua, Turin and Bologna and affected around 100 workers, both employees and executives, out of a total workforce of 330.

At the end of complex and prolonged union negotiations, which included the variation of contractual terms (as immediately prior to opening the procedure the company had decided to no longer apply the national collective bargaining agreement for dirigenti in the manufacturing sector), the parties signed binding agreements at the Ministry of Employment in Rome. These were two separate and distinct union agreements: one for employees and the other for executives (who were represented by Federmanager/Aldai). The dual outcome was a reduction in the workforce and implementing the putting in place of a solidarity contract across the board, which saved some jobs.

This multifaceted transaction was managed and implemented by LABLAW working directly with the US parent company and in particular with the guidance and support of Alan O’Rourke the company’s Employment Counsel EMEA based in London. Within the context of the restructuring exercise, the company was successful in renegotiating contractual conditions such as the travel indemnity provided for by the NCBA and other benefits. The collective agreement reached with the unions contained other cost saving measures such as salary roll back.