Boutique firms and their international business overcome barriers

Dr. Tobias Pusch, Managing Partner at Pusch Wahlig Legal, highlights the L&E Global business model in an article by The Legal Tribune.

Many partners at Pusch Wahlig Legal have previously worked for large law firms, so international cases are part of their DNA. L&E Global sets stringent standards in terms of cooperation in the mandates. Each member firm forms an international team that handles the mandates of the network. There are regular meetings, joint work on publications and collective pitches.

The members also undertake and adhere to ten quality rules, for example, a binding “Response time”, i.e. a period within which they need to respond to requests from the network. Here, L&E Global has paid its dues and learned its lesson, says Pusch. “First we had the response time defined as ‘soon as possible’. In some countries, that proved to be a very elastic term, so now we have established a strict rule with a response time of up to three business hours.” Pusch is convinced that these rules are necessary: “A wireless network is not enough to effectively respond to the client’s important needs, such as speed and quality that can only be achieved by a higher degree of integration.”

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