Roland Gerlach set to speak at the ABA Labor and Employment Law Conference 2014

ABA 8th Annual Labor and Employment Law ConferenceWe are pleased to announce that Roland Gerlach, Partner at Gerlach Rechtsanwälte | L&E Global Austria is a guest speaker at the ABA’s 8th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference scheduled for 5-8 November 2014 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Roland is a panelist on an international forum covering the topic “Alternate Forms of Union Representation: Myth or Reality in North America?” Certain forms of union representation are foreign to North America. Simply put, the notions of what a union is and does in the EU and in North America are completely different. Notwithstanding these fundamental differences, certain forms of these types of union representation are both being discussed and considered in North America. The potential arrival of works councils into North America raises a number of key questions. What do they mean for traditional unions and for North American employers unfamiliar with them? Are works councils compatible with the NLRA? More fundamentally, how do they actually operate in Europe, and how could this form of representation be adopted for use in North America? Our panel of experts will look not only at these questions but also will explore other forms of collective worker activity such as worker centers and hiring halls, and the issues of international framework agreements and neutrality agreements.

Roland’s efforts exemplify the cooperation and participation of L&E Global’s practice group in a variety of international-based seminars and employment law forums.

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