L&E Global Sponsors ACC Europe Conference 2014

ACC 2014L&E Global is a proud gold sponsor of the 2014 ACC Europe Annual Conference, 18-20 May 2014 in London (http://www.judylaneconsulting.com/acce-2014/).

The theme for the conference is 20 Years of ACC Europe: a Journey into the Evolution of the In-house Bar. The conference will offer sessions on topics such as Knowledge management: harmonising people and technology to maximise efficiency, EU data protection: the balance between business, the individual and the state post-Snowdengate and Breaking barriers toward greater cross-border e-commerce and a new retail economy, among others.

Renowned attorneys John Sander, Partner at Jackson Lewis P.C. | L&E Global United States and Fredrika Skoog, Partner at Hamilton Advokatbyrå | L&E Global Sweden are speakers at the Monday morning session on Managing Global Mobility: This session will provide insights in the complexity of international mobility and will help to address the matter effectively.

L&E Global is pleased to support this prestigious organization, which, since its inception, has had more than 7,500 delegates representing high profile multinational companies attend the ACC Europe Annual Conference to discuss and debate issues of supreme importance to in-house counsel.

About ACC Europe

ACC Europe is the European chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), a global bar association of in-house counsel which, since its founding in 1982, has grown to over 30,000 members in more than 75 countries, representing more than 10,000 corporations and private-sector organisations. ACC Europe promotes the common interests of its members, contributes to their continuing legal education and seeks to improve the understanding of the role of in-house counsel.