L&E Global A New International Battalion For Privacy + Data Security

BRUSSELS: L&E GLOBAL is pleased to announce the launch of a new Privacy + Data Security Practice following a unique cooperation between L&E Global member firms and its preferred partners specialized in international data privacy. This innovative approach enables us to provide strategic preventative counsel and advice on:

  • Management of human resource and customer data on-line and off-line.
  • Policies and protocols for employee monitoring on-line and off-line.
  • Management and handling of sensitive data relating to the workforce during due diligence processes.
  • Privacy & Data Management Training – including secure archiving and disposal of sensitive information.
  • Government compliance for public sector contractors.
  • Prosecution and disciplinary procedures in case of a security breach.

“In the current competitive market”, says Joseph Lazzarotti – Head of the L&E GLOBAL Privacy + Data Security Practice, “we have witnessed, through our clients, a significant attention to vigilance in terms of workplace monitoring, privacy, and the protection of both physical and intellectual property. It is not a local question – it is a global one which we are proactively responding to.”


In today’s global internet age companies are operating more efficiently than ever. However, at the same time the business risks have increased as data and trade secrets can be transferred electronically within the blink of an eye – even across borders across the world.

In addition, the technology available today to monitor employee movements and actions is becoming increasingly sophisticated – and also potentially intrusive.

It is important for businesses, both at the local and international level, to be up to date on the regulations governing Privacy + Data Security in the workplace.

With one point of contact – L&E GLOBAL – multi-national organizations can have seamless strategic counsel and advice on these issues where ever in the world their business may take them.

“With this new initiative”, says Stephan Swinkels – Executive Director of L&E GLOBAL, “we are creating one of the world’s largest international Privacy + Data Security Practice teams – composed of over 1000 professionals operating in 100 major cities in 35 countries around the world.”