LABLAW Expanding Its Reach In Naples

MILAN – It is with great pleasure that LABLAW – Studio Legale announces its expansion into Naples through a new professional partnership with the firm Fontana – Studio Legale which is headed by the notable Professor Giorgio Fontana.

Professor Giorgio Fontana, who is also a practicing legal professional, founded his firm, Fontana – Studio Legale, in Naples and Avellino in 1984. He is well known for his work in the field of Employment Law as well as his work with Trade Union related issues. His firm, with its team of 6 collaborators, has a well established portfolio of clients which includes leading private companies and public agencies.

In addition to his client work, Giorgio Fontana is also a Professor of Employment Law at the Mediterranea University’s Law School in Reggio Calabria as well as being a lecturer for post graduate studies there. Through his academic work he has conducted important research, and has published numerous studies, on Italian labour law and trade union law.

“This partnership,” says Luca Failla and Francesco Rotondi – Founding Partners of LABLAW, “opens a new avenue for the firm in Southern Italy – a region where legal counsel is often carried out by generalist practitioners who do not necessarily have the in depth knowledge of labour and employment law which comes with being truly specialized in this field”. “In addition”, continues Nicola Petracca – who is the Managing Partner of LABLAW’s Rome office, “this new partnership will allow both firms to reciprocally integrate each other’s professional capacity offering specialized labour and employment law counsel to businesses present in Central and Southern Italy – as well as in foreign jurisdictions through LABLAW’s international team at L&E GLOBAL – an international integrated alliance which is exclusively specialized in providing cross border labour and employment law counsel.”

“We are extremely honored to be entering into this partnership with LABLAW – one of the leading labour and employment law boutiques in Italy,” says Giorgio Fontana. “The launch of this new partnership represents an important development for the legal market in Central and Southern Italy. It is the introduction of a large and well established structure into the region – a structure which is able to meet the needs of clients, both in the public and private sector, by offering an integrated efficient, attentive, and professional service – nationally and internationally.”