L&E Global at TheLawyer.com

L&E Global was featured at The Lawyer.com, as an example of a global network. Stephan Swinkels was interviewed for the article, published on September 5th.

Party Line

Law firm networks come in many shapes and sizes, but a sector-specific approach can prove to be particularly fruitful.

This is especially relevant to small boutique firms, which often struggle to promote themselves on a global level. Alliances formed around a sector can generate more than just a competitive advantage, bestowing advantages that have become crucial in these straitened economic times.

For Stephan Swinkels, executive director of labour and employment network L&E Global, joining a sector-specific network is very much a case of playing to your strengths.

L&E is an integrated alliance founded earlier this year. Prospective members were required to draw up lists of partners and associates from within their firms who were dedicated to international work. These teams then combined to create a firm within firms, with the sum of this emerging as L&E.

Mono mania

“You have the top firms globally, which will survive. The layer below, those are the firms that will have problems. The top deals won’t go to them,” predicts Swinkels. “If you try to be good at everything, as full-service firms try to do, it just won’t work. If you’re not one of these top firms you just have to focus on certain areas and specialise.”

Swinkels adds that employment law is one of the few areas that can be exercised independently without missing opportunities for work in other sectors. He thinks his network is now able to compete with the likes of Allen & Overy, CMS and Baker & McKenzie.

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