HR-Norway, Storeng Beck & Due Lund and L&E Global International Employment Law Seminar

HR-Norway, Storeng Beck & Due Lund and L&E Global organize a joint seminar on International Employment Law in Oslo on September 18.

The program


Registration (Coffee)


Opening by Mr. Even Bolstad, Executive Director, HR-NORWAY


Implementation of the Agency Workers Directive –experiences from a Germany perspective. Trends and challenges with cross border use of staffing companies in Europe by. Dr. Kara Preedy, Pusch Wahlig Legal, Berlin


Break with (refreshments / coffee)


Joint liabilities for wages – latest changes in the Norwegian Working Environment Act, by Mrs. Kari B. Andersen, Storeng, Beck & Due Lund DA


Break (with sandwiches etc)


How to do HR business in an international context? . By Executive Director L&E Global


Panel discussion and questions from the audience:
Panel: Mr. Even Bolstad, Dr. Kara Preedy, Mrs. Kari B. Andersen, Mr. Stephan Swinkels
Moderators: Mr. Håvard Berntzen HR Norway and Mr. Terje Gerhard Andersen Storeng Beck & Due Lund DA