Employment Law to the Rescue?

Governments throughout the Eurozone are currently navigating uncharted territory brought about by a new era of economic uncertainty. As they battle to balance their budgets and cut costs they are at the same time seeking ways to stimulate and grow their economies.

One of the most important and most talked about of their policy areas concerns the labour force – as it holds an important key to the overall health and social wellbeing of any national economy.

This seminar will investigate in detail the new labour and employment law reforms being introduced by both the English and Italian governments as they work to stimulate their economies through new incentives and liberalization. What are they doing? What is the impact?

The focus will be on relevant considerations for Italian businesses in the UK and on understanding how these new reforms may differ from what managers and employees may experience in Italy.

18.00 to 19.00 – registration 17.30
at Gregory Rowcliffe Milners, 1 Bedford Row London WC1R 4BZ,
refreshments and networking to follow.