In today’s global economy, it is likely that your business is international in scope — or soon will be. When your employees are your most valuable asset, the employment, labor, employee benefits, workplace privacy (including data privacy) and immigration issues you address every day are also truly global.

Each member law firm has depth of experience in employment law, employee benefits, labor relations and immigration, and each firm is recognized by clients and legal organizations as a leader in this field.

Our member firms provide workplace law advice and services throughout the globe, in every major U.S. city, throughout North and South America, in key European business centers as well as vital regions in Asia, the South Pacific and Africa, and we are currently expanding into other territories and markets.

The L&E Global alliance offers:

Efficient Handling of International Labour and Employment Matters

Our member law firms service clients with respect to matters arising during negotiations, due diligence, contract drafting and (post-merger) integration following M&A or restructuring projects, among others.

Thought Leadership and Innovation

Our member law firms are well versed in the emerging employment issues throughout their jurisdictions and each has an established reputation as a Thought Leader.

Quality Control and Consistency

L&E Global’s member law firms are recognized in their field and cooperate effectively as colleagues. We have worked together on many international projects and have delivered excellent results. Our quality control system QualityWorkx© and seamless management ensures the sustainable delivery of top quality services in every jurisdiction.

Flexible Fee Arrangements

Our members provide not only top quality legal advice across the globe at a moment’s notice, but can also provide such advice at a reduced cost.